Generating Forces: Sounds of a Submergent Eastern Coastline

A Sound Archive and Exhibition by Dr. Vaughn Garland

Currently In Production


Descriptions of Project: (ongoing)

Generating Forces: Sounds of a Submergent Eastern Coastline is an audio experience and archive by sound artist Vaughn Whitney Garland exploring the current changes of the United States Eastern Shore, Mid Atlantic Region. This multi-disciplinary work encompasses field recordings from sites along the coastline as well as interviews conducted with local/regional naturalists, field experts, and residents. Due to the rapidly changing coastal zone this audio archive is a reference to document the sounds of the Submergent Eastern Coastline and to amplify the efforts of the people navigating the changes on the land.

An ocean wave's "Generating Force" is that force which acts upon the natural cycle of that wave. Oceanic generating forces may be winds from storms, the moon's cycle, earthquakes, sea level rise or eustatic sea level rise. As climate change increases the generating forces of coastline waves, the effects from sea level rise and increasing intensity of coastal storms are altering the landscape at a faster rate and threatening many diverse ecosystems. This project seeks to record the conversations from people on the ground as well as the moments in the field during significant environment changes.


About the Artist:

Dr. Vaughn Whitney Garland is a Richmond-based curator and sound artist working with community conversations, place-making, digital media and field recordings. Garland received a Ph.D. from the VCU Media, Art and Text (MATX) program and an M.F.A from VCU’s Painting and Printmaking program. Garland is currently working a series of sound installations, web archives and audio tours in and around Richmond, Virginia. For a list of projects, including his recent work with pollinators and monarchs, please visit his website at and




Generating Forces is an ongoing work. Please listen to the audio presented below and contact Dr. Vaughn Garland <> to be included in this project.





Location: Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve, Onemo, VA


GPS Coordinates: N 37.410017 W 76.249958

Participant: Terry Brown (Local resident, photographer and longstanding waterman family.)




Location: Ocracoke Island, North Carolina


GPS Coordinates: 35.111820, -75.979931

Participant: Amy Howard (Local Resident, Buisness owner Village Craftsmen

May 19th, 2020





Location: Ocracoke Island, North Carolina


GPS Coordinates: 35.104417, -75.989250

Participant: Ann Ehringhaus (Ocracoke Resident, Poet, Potographer, Artist)

May 20th, 2021





Location: Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve, Eastville, VA


GPS Coordinates: 37°19'48.8"N 76°00'48.4"W

Participant: Thomas Burkett. (Local resident, Artist and River Healer)




Location: Toms Cove Visitors Center Chincoteague, VA. Assateague Island National Seashore


GPS Coordinates: 37°53'22.8"N 75°20'41.3"W

Participant: Gretchen Knapp. (Supervisor, Virginia District Division of Interpretation and Education, Assateague Island National Seashore)

March, 19, 2022




Location: Kiptopeke State Park (Cape Charles, Virginia)

Description: Barrier Island

GPS Coordinates: 37°09'27.0"N 75°58'37.8"W



Audio Collection Currently Ongoing







Generating Forces: Sounds of a Submergent Coastline

On view July 2021

Black Iris Gallery, Richmond VA.





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