Kuspit, Donald,, “MFA at VCU”  MFA Thesis Exhibition 2003, (Review) May, 2003, p. 5

“Vaughn Whitney Garland makes stunning black paintings, fusing gesturalism- a wide range of surfaces, some thickly applied, some stripped thin- with the post-painterly abstraction of Barnett Newman.  It is a postmodern syntheses: Newman’s zips, sometimes brightly colored, form interior boundaries in Garland’s black field, making for a striking contrast.  The zips seem lyrical, the black epic and over-whelming and a bit off-putting and over-bearing, but, as ‘Erica’s Vim,’ 2002 makes clear, there is a vigor to Garland’s works which seems to overcome the ‘gravity’ of the black, however much it emerges from it.”


Ryan, Dinah  (Contributing Editor, Art Papers Magazine),, “Because There is a ‘B’ in Both,”  MFA Thesis Exhibition 2003, (Review) May, 2003, p. 57

“Initially, Vaughn Whitney Garland’s large scale, tarry paintings-with their rutted, scraped, and divided surfaces-would seem to represent a purely process-driven approach.  But, integrated within the black paint covering the varicolored grounds, are individuated fingerprints, stress marks, and crumpled passages that Garland refers to as ‘little episodes’ and that relate directly to the ordering of narratives and physical spaces in his experience, as well as to the juxtaposition of boredom and event in epic tales.” 


Review of William King Regional Arts Exhibition

Surface Identity and Time The Self-Portraits of Vaughn Garland

by Heather Harvey in Art Papers Nov/Dec 2008 Edition


Best of New York Summer Shows
Summer 2007

"And of course, this summer painting is to be found everywhere. Down  in the Painting Center’s rather warm SoHo space, there’s an intriguing and wide-ranging show called "Building Picturing," featuring artists who have applied here for a show. The works’ styles and assumptions vary as widely as their quality, but there are some real gems on view. I was particularly impressed by Russell Roberts and by Elizabeth Terhune. Featured to the left is her 'Birds Are Off.'"



Upcoming News and Exhibitions


Paintings from the New Studio 2010    


William King Regional Arts Museum, Abingdon VA 2008 Artist Introduction by Adam Justice  



Building Picturing The Painting Center NY NY 2007    

Hunt Gallery Staunton VA    


Plant Zero, Richmond VA    





Iron Oxide in Unbleached White: The Stain of This war

Featured in Advertisement for Main Art Gallery, Richmond VA

The Daily Constitutional: A Publicantion for the Artist's Voice



1Night Magazine
October 2007

Released in Bristol, VA





Roadside Attraction
Curating the city.
by Mike Hilleary
Posted On: 2/3/2009

Manchester's Art Walk
Artspace takes sculpture to the people.
by Shannon O'Neill
Posted On: 8/24/2005

Simply Put
Local artists break out the charcoal and pencil.
by Edwin Slipek Jr.
Posted On: 1/5/2005

NBC News 12 Richmond, VA
Richmond NBC Chanel 12
Interview about Richmond Perfoming Arts Center and Richmond Public Arts Commission
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Arts In Public Places
Bristol VA/TN Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
Statement from the Juror (2007)

Arts In Public Places
Eight Winning Sculptures Installed in Downtown Bristol

A Magazine
AAME announces People's Choice Award for Art in Public Places competition
"Coke is Fun, II" by Marvin Tadlock.
By Angela Wampler | November 26, 2007

A Magazine
In Focus: Art in Public Places Reception
Volume 16, Number 2 — February 2009

The Virginia Highlands Festival
William King Regional Arts Center

Emory and Henry College News
E&H Graduate Exhibits Self Portraits at William King Regional Art Center
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June 25, 2010

Zero Hour with Tim Bowring


Richmond, VA

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September 7, 2007

Zero Hour with Tim Bowring


Richmond, VA

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Virginia Commonwealth University


Vaughn Whitney Garland

Ph.D. Candidate, Media / Art / Text

Virginia Council of Graduate Schools Student Videos

For further information please contact: John Woody ( johnwoody@me.com )


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Film by John Woody    



BBC America

with Katty Kay

March 26, 2008

by World New America






Interview with Jackie and Mary at the Main Art Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.

Three Parts



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