Field Recordings and Experiemental Sounds







Right Here Once: The Soundways of Route 5 2014-2015

A Collection of Field Recordings by Vaughn Whitney Garland 

Right Here Once: The Soundways of Route 5 is a collection of the sounds that one might hear as they drive down Virginia’s historic State Route 5.

Over the course of the summer and fall 2014 months Garland hopes to locate sounds from the farmlands, diners, barber shops, churches, rotary clubs, hunting parties, plantations, and the James River. 



First Water


To Night and Morn




The Garden


Nursery Rhyme


Kids In Parking Lots




System Overload


Sough de Novo


Machine Carter


Explosive Motor Wind Heartbeat and Landslide (video)


Brothers of Poor Valley


Stillness of Sleep


Christmas Forest






The Water Lily Forest


Still Life with Lotus Seeds


Into The Fall (video)




The Cardinal's Beast


Gypsy Rose Lee


Rain Boundary



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Image by Michael Lease, Sacred Heart Community Center, Richmond, Virginia 2016