Doing It Together

A collaboration by Vaughn and Aileana Garland

For the GoBike Commission

Summer 2015

Doing It Together is a sound work developed out of a collaboration with my two-year-old daughter, Aileana Garland.

During April and May 2015 I will record the interaction between my daughter and I as we work to complete the GoBike Commison, the recordings will then be archived online.  I call this project "Doing It Together" because that is Ailie's way of asking that we work togeher in order undertake tasks. 

Due to file size some audio files below make take time to load.


April 12, Day 1



April 17, Day 2

(Recording Includes Traci Garland and GOBike Phogotrapher Ken Penn)


May 3, Day 3

(Recording Includes Traci Garland)


 May 8, Day 4


May 10, Day 5


May 26, Day 6