RVA Street Art Festival 2013 Sculpture Invitational

Alex Hayden
Christopher McElroy
Daren Kendall, Mariam Eqbal
Driving Richmond: Laura Browder (text); Michael Lease (photos); Benjamin Thorp (sound)
Norberto Gomez Jr
Roxanne Yamins
Valerie George





John Priestley

Studio Two Three

Connect, Collaborate, Create




1. University of Richmond / Valentine Richmond History Center 2. Christopher McElroy
3. Valerie George 4.* Camera Obscura 5. Norberto Gomez Jr 6. Alex Hayden 7. Roxanne Yamins
8. John Priestley 9. Paul Dispaquale, Tom Chenoweth, Jillian Holland, Justin Bishop
10. Richmond Had Rails 11.* J. Fergeson Gallery 12. Daren Kendall 13. Mariam Eqbal
14. Driving Richmond: Laura Browder (text); Michael Lease (photos); Benjamin Thorp (sound)
15. Studio Two Three
(*Included by Ed Trask)
Connect, Collaborate, Create
The University of Richmond and Valentine Richmond History Center Exhibition Wall

The RVA Street Art Festival will take place from September 11-15, 2013, at the site of the former GRTC bus depot and bring together national and local artists to revitalize the property and spark important conversations about the past, present, and future of transportation in Richmond.

The University of Richmond Downtown and the Valentine Richmond History Center partnered together to fill the long wall at the property entrance with historic photographs of Richmond streetcars from 1886 to 1949.

Throughout the 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years, UR Downtown, the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, and the University of Richmond’s Arts Initiative will work together to build community connections and generate new murals and other art installations along the wall. For more information about each mural project, please call (804) 955-4003.

Driving Richmond: Stories and Portraits of GRTC Operators

The stories they told us changed the way we looked at the city.
"A multimedia project— photographic portraits by Michael Lease, text panels based on interviews conducted by Laura Browder, and sound portraits by Benjamin Thorp—that draws on the experiences of Greater Richmond Transit Authority bus operators."

Richmond Had Rails: A Documentary Film About The First Electric Streetcar

"Award winning filmmaker Patrick Gregory and historian Harry Kollatz, Jr. have teamed up to create a documentary about the history of the first successful electric streetcar. The service, beginning in 1888, established the technology of mass transit in Richmond, Virginia. Evidence of the system, removed in 1949, remains visible today around the city."

Studio Two Three

Studio Two Three is Richmond's nonprofit community print shop. We are the only communal printmaking workshop and print-specific gallery in the Richmond metropolitan area.

Located at 1617 W. Main Street in the Richmond’s Uptown Arts DistrictStudio Two Three facilitates production, education and innovation in printmaking by providing an accessible workspace and engaging the public through workshops, exhibitions and outreach.